24 Hour Hotline
(530) 225-8955

NOR-CAL Intergroup
1050 State St at Favretto
PO Box 991107
Redding, CA 96099
email: norcalintergroup
Phone: (530)225-8955

Office Hours:

  Mon thru Fri:
    7am - 9 am,
    11am - 1pm,
    & 5pm - 7pm

    8am - noon

    9am - 1pm


REDYPAA (Redding Young People in AA) ACTIVITIES

REDYPAA has events the third Friday of every month; for information/location, contact Ben V. @ 530-917-9796

REDYPAA has a business meeting on the 4th Sunday of each month @ 3:00 p.m. at the United Methodist Church on the corner of South St. and East St.; for more info contact Ben V. @ 530-917-9796. NOTE: If the business meeting falls on a holiday to contact the intergroup office to confirm date and location.